Information about Zainab Center

Zainab Center is an organization for Islamic studies and spirituality based on classical traditional methodology. This institution is run by 'Alimah Humera Ahmad, principal of Zainab Center's Education Academy.

Our goal at Zainab Center is to enlighten our intellects and souls through the sciences of the sacred knowledge and spirituality. Qualified women, under the guidance of Shaykh Ahmad Arshad (db) and ‘Alimah Humera Ahmad (db), teach classes for kids, youth and women in Urdu and English via teleconference and internet (for select courses).

Thousands have benefitted from the quality instruction and Islamic (tarbiyah) provided by the qualified and dedicated teachers of Zainab Center.

Our aim is a progression in our students from Ilm to Amal to Ikhlas to Ihsan.


Ustadha Muallima Humera Ahmad, better known as Aapi Jaan, embarked on her journey of studying classical traditional Islamic scholarship and spirituality over two decades ago in 1995. She completed her Aalimah program under renowned scholars and holds various ijazahs in...

  • Quranic sciences including tajweed and tafseer, 
  • Hadith Sciences including in depth study of Sihah-Sittah, 
  • Islamic law specializing in Hanafi fiqh, 
  • Arabic grammar and language 
  • Islamic theology. 

In addition to her studies in Deen, she completed her Bachelors in Business from Islamabad University and Masters in Economics, Islamic Studies and Arabic from Punjab University.

With encouragement from her teachers, like is the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw), she started working on her close family relatives becoming an impetus to change in them. Thereafter, she dedicated her life in working amongst Muslim women and girls to invite them to study and understand their Deen. She opened many institutions of learning in her native country and expanded the work around the world quenching the thirst of the seekers on the path of guidance. 

In 2003, she founded Zainab Center, an online academy of classical Islamic scholarship and spirituality, in New York. Classes and workshops are conducted for women, girls and kids in English and Urdu via internet and free conference call services.

In addition to teaching, aapi jaan also devotes her time in guiding women on the path of islamic spirituality as well as Islamic conduct and mannerism, social and familial issues. She regularly conducts various workshops and seminars on contemporary issues and lifestyle management to university students, professional women as well as to the house wives. 

Every year, she conducts a Live Daura-e-Tafseer which is attended by an audience of thousands from around the world. Many join her on her spiritual journeys to the house of Allah to benefit from her company and experiences. Her extensive travels have taken her across most states within United States, Canada, UK, Africa, Middle East and South Asia. She continues to benefit communities around the world with her dedication and fervor for the Deen.

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