Zainab Academy offers various focussed channels of knowledge. Students can enrol in the Quran Channel to go through the Tajweed, Tarjamah and Tafseer of the Holy Quran. Hadith Channel covers many smaller and larger volumes of Books of Hadith including the Al-Sihah al-Sittah. The Arabic Channel ventures through the intricacies of the Arabic language, including Sarf, Nahw, Adab and Balagha. Although individual channels does not make one an authentic scholar, these courses can be used within the larger 'Aalima program.

Quran al Kareem is the central religious text of Islam which is the final revelation from Allah (swt) revealed to Beloved Prophet (saw). The Quran Channel offered by Zainab Academy does focussed studies on various sciences of the Holy Quran. Some of the sciences covered include:

  • Tajweed
  • Tarjamah
  • Tafseer
  • Tafseer Methodology (Usool al Tafseer)

Throughout this channel of studies, many various volumes of tafaseer are covered. For advanced students who are done with their Aalimiyah course, a takhassus fil Quran (Specialization in Quranic Sciences) is also offered.

Hadith are "prophetic traditions". the corpus of the reports of the teachings, deeds and sayings of the Beloved Prophet (saw). Zainab Academy offers a Hadith Channel that does focussed studies on Hadith and Hadith Methodology (Usool-al-Hadith). This course of study covers many volumes of hadith including Al-Sihah al-Sittah. Some of the books studied are:

  • Sahih al Bukhari by Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim bu Imam Muslim
  • Sunan Nisai by Imam Ahmad an-Nasai
  • Sunan Abu Dawud by Imam Abu Dawud
  • Sunan Tirmizi by Imam Muhammad Tirmizi
  • Muwatta Imam Malik by Imam Malik bin Anas
  • Zaad at Talibeen
  • Riyadh us Saliheen by Imam An-Nawawi

By the end of this course of studies, students have a sound footing in hadith methodology and hadith criticism.


Zainab Center's Ilm Academy also offers focussed studies on Arabic language including:

  • Grammar
  • Conjugation
  • Literature
  • Rhetoric

Students are encouraged to use arabic as a conversational medium to revitalize the language of Jannah in our lives. Alhumdulillah by the end of this course of studies, students are able to read and understand the Quran, Hadith and a wealth of knowledge in Arabic.