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English Aama 1 Class

Category: English Ilm Program

Tafseer Ⅱ

The course completes the detailed commentary of the entire 30th juz. The course seeks to strengthen the iman of the students and develop skill in the simple translation and explanation of the short surahs along with the meaning of key phrases, background of the revelations and stories of the past nations.

Arabic Morphology

Sarf 2

Arabic Morphology through "Fundamentals of Classical Arabic," "From the Treasures of Arabic Morphology,” Tasheel us Sarf &

Sarf Aakhirain. This course focuses on the study of increased verb forms and quadrilateral verb forms

Islamic Law

Legal rulings derived from Qudoori and Hidayah Shareef

Islamic legal rulings pertaining to ritual purification, menstruation, salah, zakah, fasting and Hajj

Start Date:  Friday, 20 July 2018
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