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English Aaliya 1 Class

Category: English Ilm Program

Tafseer Ⅳ

A detailed and inspiring commentary of first 10 ajza of the Quran with an emphasis on highlighting the lessons learned from the past nations, commandments and lessons relevant to our daily life.

From Surah Baqarah to surah Tawbah.

Laws of Inheritance:


Laws of Inheritance from Al-Siraji Fi'l-Mirath includes analyzing and interpreting the laws of inheritance mentioned in the Quran with explanation from the Hadith.

Comparative Fiqh:

 Hidayah Shareef Awwal

A classical manual of Hanafi Law, al-Hidāyah Vol 1 covers a comprehensive understanding of each legal issue through delving into textual and rational evidence. The author, al-Marghīnānī, furthers the discourse by mentioning similar rulings or drawing the student’s attention to subtle differences between apparently similar cases. The author also presents opposing opinions from both within and outside the Ḥanafī legal school. The discourse is concluded by answering the objections of the opposition by transmitted evidence or legal maxims.

Arabic Rhetoric:

Durus-al-Balagha Ma’al Shams Al-Bara’a by Hanafi Nasif, Muhammad Diyab, Sultan Muhammad and Mustafa Tamum

This course surveys the vast field of Arabic Rhetoric. It present rhetorical concepts within each of the three branches of Arabic rhetoric, al-maʿānī, al-bayān, and al-badīʿ, in a methodical and coherent way. Each chapter begins with examples of rhetorical concepts followed by a detailed explanation (al-baḥth) and rules (al-qawāʾid). Thereafter, the text gives an opportunity to practice each concept through an array of different exercises utilizing poetry from different genres as well Qurʾānic verses and hadith.

Start Date:  Friday, 20 July 2018
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