Zainab Center engages its students in a variety of subject areas that cover a vast array of Islamic scholarship. Each subject area offers several courses in it from elemntary concepts to advanced analyses.
Department of Islamic Sociology concentrates on topics such as a Muslim individual's interaction with community and society, gender issues, marriage and relationships and raising Islamic families.
Department of Comparative Studies sheds light on various religions, doctrines and practices around the world and compares them to that of Islam.
Department of Islamic Spirituality concentrates on areas such as Islamic Etiquettes  and Mannerism, Cleansing of Hearts and Purification of Nafs.
Department of Islamic History concentrates on the Life of the Prophets (as) and that of the Companions (ra).
Department of Islamic Theology focuses on indepth understanding of tenets of Islamic Creed and Faith.
Department of Islamic Law focusses on development of Islamic Legal Theory and foundations of Islamic Jurisprudence.
Department of Language Studies focuses on Arabic Grammar, Syntax, Morphology, Speech, Writing and Rhetoric.
Department of Hadith Sciences concentrates on subjects such as Hadith, Ulum al-Hadith and Usul al-Hadith.
Department of Qur'anic Sciences focuses on Pronunciation, Recitation, Translation and Exegesis of Qur'an.