Taleem & Tarbiyyah
A comprehensive curriculum for a complete Islamic upbringing
Ilm & Dhikar
A balanced approach to intellectual and spiritual legacy of Islam
Minds & Hearts
Dynamic instruction for rectification of minds and hearts

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Weekly Islahi majlis is conducted every Sunday afternoon by Shaykh Ahmad Arshad at 12:00 pm EST New York time. The gathering is conducted via free TeleConference and web streaming services and includes:

  • A comprehensive talk by Shaykh Ahmad Arshad on Tazkiyyah and Tasfiyyah.
  • Dhikar-e-Khafee (Silent Remembrance of Allah in our hearts)
  • Ikhtetami Dua (Supplication)
Dial-in Number:
(701) 801-1220
Playback Number:
(701) 801-1229
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