InshaAllah with the blessed name of Allah (swt), who is entirely Merciful and especially Merciful, do we start another year of Ilm and tarbiyyah at Zainab Center. Only with the Fadhal and Karam of Allah (swt) do we hope to achieve Ilm e Naf'e (Beneficial Knowledge) and the ability to act upon it with Ihsan (Excellence) and Ikhlas (Sincerity). 

Process to register and pay:

STEP 1 : Website Registration (needs to be done once and only once):

STEP 2 : Enrollment (needs to be done every semester for every course plan):

  1. Pick the course plan that you are enrolling in this year. (Please make sure that you enroll for the course that you will be taking in the year 2020-2021, If you were in Aama1 in 2019-2020 now you will be in Aama2 in 2020-2021).
  2. You will be brought to your invoice. Select the current Payment and pick Payment method as 'Pay Online' for online payment using credit cards / Paypal. Pick 'Pay Offline' if you are paying by check etc.
  3. Once your payment is cleared whether online or offline, you will get your class schedule and conference code information on Portal page a day before classes start.
  4. NOTE: If you are paying offline, your payment will remain unresolved till your check is cleared. You will ONLY receive the class schedule and codes when your dues are cleared.

STEP 3 : Once done, please go to the PORTAL for codes, recordings and notes:

We pray that Allah blesses us with Ilm that benefits us and Ikhlas that brings us closer to Allah (swt).


* Recurring Monthly : Means that the student is charged at the end of every month after the initial enrollment date.
* Fixed per Semester : Means that payment is fixed for the 4 months regardless of the initial enrollment date.
* Fixed per Year : Means that payment is fixed for the year regardless of the initial enrollment date.


Course Name




 Quran Program Individual Quran Recitation Class $100  *Recurring Monthly  -
Individual Quran Hifz Class $100  Recurring Monthly  -
Group Quran Recitation Class $50  Recurring Monthly  -
Group Quran Hifz Class $50  Recurring Monthly  -
Urdu Quranic Tafseer Diploma 2017 $50  *Fixed per Semester  $150
Urdu Quranic Tafseer Diploma 2019 $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Urdu Quranic Tafseer Diploma 2020 $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
English Quranic Tafseer Diploma 2019 $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
English Quranic Tafseer Diploma 2020 $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Sisters Urdu Ilm Program Individual Ilm Class (Twice a week) $50  Recurring Monthly -
Individual Ilm Class (Once a week) $20  Recurring Monthly -
Urdu Level C Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Urdu Listener Level 1 : 2008 Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Urdu Listener Level 2 : 2013 Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Urdu Foundations Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Urdu Aama 1 Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Urdu Aama 2 Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Urdu Khasa 1 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
Urdu Khasa 2 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
Urdu Aaliya 1 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
Urdu Aaliya 2 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
Urdu Aalimiyah 1 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
Urdu Aalimiyah 2 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
Urdu Aalimiyah 3 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
Urdu Takhassus Fit Tafseer Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
Urdu Takhassus Fil Fiqh Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
Urdu Exam Dues $50  *Fixed per Year  $50
Sisters English Ilm Program English Fundamentals 1 Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
English Fundamentals 2 Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
English Foundations Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
English Aama 1 Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
English Aama 2 Class $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
English Khasa 1 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
English Khasa 2 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
English Aaliya 1 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
English Aaliya 2 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
English Aalimiyah 1 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
English Aalimiyah 2 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
English Aalimiyah 3 Class $150  Fixed per Semester  $450
English Exam Dues $50  Fixed per Year  $50
 Sisters Certification Programs Urdu Back to Basics Course 101 $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Urdu Back to Basics Course 102 $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
$100  Fixed per Semester  $300
 Brother's Program English Light of Guidance Level 1 $100  Fixed per Semester  $300
Eliminating Doubts - English Daura e Tafseer 2020 $80  Fixed per Semester  $240



  • Urdu Classes: Dua for new academic year for all classes on Wednesday, June 10th 2020 @ 10:30am EST 

  • Commencement of all regular Urdu academic classes on Monday, June 15th 2020


  • NEW English Classes: Orientation will be on Wednesday, June 17th 2020 at 7:00pm EST for:
    • Fundamentals 1

    • Fundamentals 2

    • Foundation

    • English Tafseer Diploma 2020-2023

  • Commencement of regular English academic classes on Monday, June 22nd 2020


  1. Noor ul Huda, Light of Guidance - Introductory Aalim Program in English

    - Twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday

    - First class on Saturday, June 13th 2020 at 11:00am EST


  2. La Rayba Feehee, Eliminating Doubts - 2 Year Tafseer Program in English

    - Twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday

    - First class on Sunday, June 14th 2020 at 12:00pm EST


    ORIENTATION for both programs: Wednesday June 10, 2020 at 9:00pm EST

    Dial-in number (701) 801-1211
    Access code: 926-300-658#
    International dial-in numbers:
    Meeting ID: remembrance
    Join the online meeting:
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