General FAQ

Zainab Center is established on Ahl-e Sunnah wal Jama’ah doctrine and imparts Classic Islamic Learning under Traditional Ulama and Mashaikh. We have our independent board for Examinations. The provision of teaching is based on Hanafi Fiqh

Zainab Center International is based in Edison, NJ. However, we have branches worldwide, and our classes are conducted online.

Zainab Center commenced with efforts under the benevolent supervision of Shaykh Ahmad Arshad (db) and Aalimah Humera Ahmad more than two decades ago in 2003. Details may be seen in the “About Us” section on the website.

An organization grounded in the fundamental principles of Bir and Taqwa, Zainab Center has taken a modern pedagogical and methodological approach to our centuries-old sacred, traditional, classical Islamic Scholarship and Spirituality. we aim for our students to journey through Ilm, Amal, Ikhlas, and Ihsaan

Zainab Center offers Aalim and Non-Aalim Programs for Brothers and Sisters in both English and Urdu. Alongside, there are Year-long Certificate Courses, Children’s Islamic Classes, Quran Recitation and Memorization options along with One-on-One classes.

For those interested in studying singular sciences, there are year-long courses that offer Tajweed, Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Quranic Arabic, and Usool-e Hadith. In contrast, some other courses have a combination of subjects.

Quranic Recitation is offered in both individual and group settings. Classes are arranged based on your time zone. Assigned teachers are well-versed in Tajweed and can teach in both English and Urdu.

Quranic Recitation is offered in both individual and group settings. Classes are arranged based on your time zone. Assigned teachers are well-versed in Tajweed and can teach in both English and Urdu.

Zainab Center has a well-established Urdu department and a flourishing English department. Note that all Urdu classes are held in the morning while English classes are offered in the evening.

The teachers at Zainab Center are from around the globe, mostly based in the US and/or Pakistan.

Children’s Classes are carried under the name Fundamentals 1 and 2, for ages 7 to 12 years. The subjects include Tajweed, Adab, Seerah, Basics of Fiqh, and Masnoon Dua’s.

Zainab Center does have a Brothers' department that offers Aalim and Non-Alim programs in both English and Urdu.

The courses at Zainab Center are designed keeping in mind the students who are unable to grant much time altogether. The class recordings, textbooks, and handouts are regularly posted in the Google Classroom for easy access. Students who miss the live session may benefit from the recordings.

The Courses are designed for in-class effective learning, such that a sincere student can gain comprehension in the live sessions. Nonetheless, individual study time may vary per person depending on their strengths.

Exams are conducted online within the advised time frame.

We do have students who come from different backgrounds, however, this varies and depends on Interview sessions.

There is a minimal cost in Academic programs to compensate for efficient educational outlay.

The educational subscriptions at Zainab Center are nominal, however, we do assist students based on their individual needs.

Zainab Center is a platform for Tarbiyah and Tazkiyah. We aim to establish a community that is deeply rooted in Spirituality with a firm connection with Allah (swt) and Prophetic Sunnah. We offer regular online and on-site Dhikr Majalis conducted by Shaykh Ahmad Arshad (db).

Yes, we have a growing Social Services Department at Zainab Center. We offer services for Zakat, Sadaqat, Orphan needs, Waqf Qurbani, Kaffarah, and Masjid Construction as well as Quran and Islamic books publications.

Aalim/Aalimah Program FAQs

By the end of the course, Zainab Center will issue Aalim/Aalimah degrees through its own Board.

These may be studied as part-time or full-time depending upon students’ needs.

There are three semesters annually and each semester spans 4 months, ranging from $100 to $150 depending on the course.

The prerequisites are the ability to read Qur’anic Arabic and most importantly the desire to learn.

Yes, recordings are made available after every class.

Yes, there will be 2-3 hours of takraar/practice sessions per week.

We follow the standard 8-year curriculum proposed by Wifaqul Madaris al Arabiya Pakistan, however, the room for flexibility is utilized to adjust the needs of students.

Yes, an attendance of >70% is required in LIVE classes to be eligible to appear in exams and obtain the Degree

We do realize the need for personalized support and guidance as students progress in knowledge and practice. Zainab Center coordinators and class moderators are always available for help. An academic advisor may be contacted through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zainab Center aims for excellence in students, both academically and spiritually. We do not endorse contacting classmates personally in order to maintain the discipline and decorum of the Institute. However, class discussions may be carried out in separate Takrar sessions to fulfill the needs of ilm. Class Moderators may be contacted through Google Classroom or WhatsApp groups.